Content Creator, Makeup Artist,

Visual Art Artist.

Eye color : Black

Natural hair color : Black

Nationality : Indian

Content Creator

Princess began making YouTube videos in July 2016. Since then she has been making a variety of videos for youtube. She has taught herself editing and film-making techniques. She films her videos/vlogs/tutorials herself and edits them herself. Her work includes a variety of content, from makeup and fine art tutorials to unboxing and vlogging. From backdrop stands to camera quality in her videos, all are managed solely by Princess, for now. Currently she has over 2k subscribers and over 67k views on her main YouTube channel. Her subscribers are from all around the globe. On her second YouTube channel based on spirituality, first video has been uploaded in April 2019. Her second channel features content on kundalini, spirit, meditation, etc.

Makeup Artist & Beauty Guru

Princess always loved glamour, however she began proffesional makeup in 2013. She taught herself and practised for three years. She has tried over 100s of makeup products, from drugstore to high-end. She makes makeup tutorials and beauty related videos on her main YouTube channel. She is currently open for collaborations. She plans to open a cruelty-free mid-ranged makeup brand and her own chain of makeup studios in different cities around the world.

Visual Artist

Princess has been drawing and painting since she was in kindergarten. She has been taught by her mentor Mr. Manoj Poddar, since childhood. She holds a "fine art appreciation course - painting" diploma. She has made more than 150 drawings, over 70 portraits, and a huge number of paintings, recently. She also does creative design work, film-making, and editing. Her Recent Art includes spiritual and psychedelic imagery, with topics such as self evolution, spiritual growth, female empowerment, and trans meditative states of mind. You can shop her art/design prints, posters, photo cards, and more in the 'Visual Art" section.

Other interests and achievements

Princess loves fitness.She loves cardio and healthy vegetarian food. 

She has taught herself belly dancing.

She loves animals and hence wants to open a cruelty free makeup brand.

She likes motivational, self-improvement, spiritual books.

She highly believes in teaching oneself without anyone's help. She has taught herself makeup, fashion, belly dancing, Spanish language, editing, film making and much more. For her, self teaching is important. She promises feminism, anti-bullying, self-love, self image development, self esteem & confidence development

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Princess has been doing different kinds of meditation and loves to explore spiritually. She awakened her kundalini in April 2018. She has read several books on self-improvement and spirituality. She believes in opening, healing, balancing and working on the seven chakras. She has knowledge about twin flames, kundalini, and many other such spiritual concepts. Her second YouTube channel is dedicated to spirituality.

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