"Be comfortable with your true self and keep going."
- Princess

Princess is a YouTube content creator. She makes makeup, fashion, visual art, and beauty related videos.

Princess is ...

a YouTube content creator, makeup artist, visual artist, and spiritual practitioner.


She makes videos about makeup, visual art, fashion, and beauty hacks on her main channel. On her second channel, she makes videos about spirituality and her own experience with it.

She is a proffesional self taught makeup artist, and has tried over 100s of makeup products from drugstore to high end. Watch her tutorials on her channel.

As a professional visual artist, she has been very successful.

She is a spiritual practitioner and loves to explore spirituality.

Other interests include...

fashion, fitness, modeling, and belly dancing

In her free time she likes to learn new languages, read motivational books, and play with her pets.

For details,

Note from Princess


        I am Princess. I love anything creative, artistic, and magical.

       To me art is anything creative  that can inspire. I like to take up artwork which I have never done before as a challenge.

         Since I have been an artist from childhood, makeup to me is like painting on the face. By applying foundation, we create a clean canvas and then do the magic with all the glam products.

             I believe that discovering oneself and accepting it, is the first step to success. Loving oneself is very important for self development. And gratitude is most important as it keeps us positive. I like being aware and giving back all the love as it keeps me in the flow of goodness.

        I am grateful to everyone who has been supporting me from the beginning of my journey. I love u all so much. Thank u dear supporters/ friends for being a part of my life.


                                                Your girl,Princess



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